Government Affairs

Our staff has vast experience coordinating lobbying actions in the Executive, Legislative and municipalities of the Government of Puerto Rico. Depending on the clients’ needs, our team will coordinate and execute a comprehensive strategy to achieve our clients’ goals. During the lobbying process, we provide our clients’ with metrics on a regular basis, so they can track and monitor progress along the way.


Essèntium is registered as an official lobbyist in the Senate and the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico. Our legislative practice focuses on monitoring and analyzing legislative activity that affect our clients’ interest, as well as drafting and building up support for legislation.


Our clients might need to engage municipalities, administrative agencies, and/or monitor regulations to protect their activities in Puerto Rico. We have experience analyzing and drafting regulations, as well as engaging key stakeholders in both the Executive and municipalities of Puerto Rico.

In our past experience, we have engaged several administrative agencies and municipalities of Puerto Rico, including, but not limited to:

  • – Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico
  • – Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust (PRSTT)
  • – Department of Economic Development (DDEC)
  • – Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO)
  • – Puerto Rico General Services Administration (PRGSA)
  • – Puerto Rico Energy Commission (PREC)
  • – Department of Health of Puerto Rico
  • – Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico
  • – University of Puerto Rico (UPR)
  • – Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration (PRPHA)
  • – Municipality of San Juan
  • – Municipality of Villalba

Federal Grants

One of our firm’s core services is providing federal funding solutions to non-for-profit, public and private entities. Our track record and expertise in federal grants give the client the opportunity to maximize its sources of income by applying for a federal grant opportunity.

As part of our federal grants’ practice, we can identify federal funding sources, develop and review of federal funding proposals, provide technical assistance in the administration of federal funds, translate documentation, and give training sessions to identify, procure and administer programs funded by the federal government.

In the past, we have worked closely with various U.S agencies, including, but not limited to:

  • – The Executive Office of the President
  • – U.S Congress
  • – U.S Department of Homeland Security
  • – U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • – U.S Department of Labor
  • – General Services Administration (GSA)
  • – U.S Small Business Administration
  • – U.S Department of Health and Human Services
  • – U.S Department of Justice
  • – U.S Department of Agriculture
  • – U.S Department of Transportation (DOT)

Project Management

Project management consists of meticulously planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. Since projects usually have certain time and funding limitations, they require the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies that vary from the techniques used in a day to day basis in managing a business. Low performance in project management comes at a high cost, especially when stakes are high. If you’re a low performer, you’ll risk 12 times more money than your high performing counterparts. (Source: PMI 2014 Pulse of the Profession®).

At Essèntium, we apply these techniques with all of our clients, an approach that is among consulting firm in Puerto Rico. We guarantee that the required project or tasks will be finished on time, without wasting unnecessary resources.